Friday, November 20, 2015

My American Dream: MastrMynd Tears for Hope 1.5

My American Dream: MastrMynd Tears for Hope 1.5: I have been up since 2:30am. I woke my Wife up at 3:30am to have some time with her before she leaves for work in San Francisco. Having morn...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why MastrMynd is Important!

Hello Beautiful People,

Please allow me to say again, MastrMynd is the solution for our community! MastrMynd is economics because it is an invention for everyone! Which means, you can all invest on the ground floor of an emerging, Trillion Dollar industry!

1) MastrMynd is education because we train our people in a) Audio Engineering, b) Film/Video Production, c) Web Programming, d) Visual Arts/Graphic Design, e) Mobile Logistics, and f) Broadcast Production (These are professional skills inherent in our community; we just have to use them)!!!

2) MastrMynd is employment because our skilled, professional positions are Head-of-Household paying positions starting from $300-$1500/day! Once we are producing and broadcasting our own media content, we are controlling our image and thus our future. You see, because MastrMynd is a MOBILE PRODUCTION UNIT, we can place these units all over the world; broadcasting education and information to the most remote villages and areas!

Gentleman and Ladies, MastrMynd is the future of broadcast TV Production and once we are all on the same page; you must, and will understand how important MastrMynd is to our community and why MastrMynd needs your support NOW! 

You see, I, Douglas MastrMynd Lennard, own the Patent for The MastrMynd Format, and I will get paid eventually because the big business will eventually require the use of The MastrMynd Format, and I get Paid, but what about my Community? 

All too often our community misses the opportunity to invest on the ground floor in companies that will provide true wealth (which is different from being "Rich"). MastrMynd is providing this opportunity to the Community, but time is of the essence.

We can all see how our society is growing more towards intelligent video production, and that is what MastrMynd is, so we have to invest in MastrMynd now and take market share, which will be worth Trillions! I have invested over $1 Million of my own capital in the MastrMynd Patent and Prototype and am currently accepting investment to bring it to Market.

Once we're in the Market producing; MastrMynd changes the World through education, employment, industry, and innovation in media production and broadcast!

God Bless MastrMynd and you because she belongs to you all. Now whatcha gonna do with her?



Click link to view website and invest: MastrMynd Group. The future of TV Production and Broadcast.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MastrMynd Introduction Letter to The Young Turks

Hello, my name is Douglas Lennard, and I have been a fan of TYT since I first viewed you on CurrentTV. I knew I was seeing myself and the future of "Independent TV". I have a contribution to TYT that I hope you will find as valuable as I do. I call it, "MastrMynd"!

Please allow me to paint a picture for you. What if you could host a Live TYT Panel, ANYWHERE? Imagine the stage, mics, lights, cameras, ACTION! Your panel discusses charged topics, the live audience participates! You gather pro audio, pro video, with clips sent to social media, the Internet, and a live feed available to stream anywhere. MastrMynd has your photographer on hand sending head shots to all the participants Facebook so they can share to their networks; your videographer/film producer is sending video clips to the social media team to post to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest and having the live stream securely produced; your audio engineer collects your audio for podcast and radio; your graphic designer/visual artist prepare all your visual assets for sponsor ads and graphics for web; your web programmer will make sure our stream is hot and that all the web components are operating seamlessly! This is the MastrMynd Format for going viral! This is a TYT event that people can see live on their cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. The event becomes a destination for everyone watching! This should sound like standard TV production and broadcast, and it is, but cheaper, faster, and more reliable. MastrMynd can produce AND broadcast for pennies on the dollar ANYWHERE!

It seems like common sense that all of these production and broadcast components would work together, and they do, but MastrMynd has assembled all of these previously distinct production areas into one symbiotic team working inside of a MastrMynd Production Unit, and THAT is the difference!

I was sure you guys at TYT would appreciate MastrMynd as a media communication tool and format, especially coming from an underprivileged African American Male who recognizes my position in this society.

Please check me out at and call me at (xxx)xxx-xxxx, or email me at so that I can get this MastrMynd Format into the hot little hands of TYT!

Thank you guys for standing up for something and please allow me to stand with you.

Douglas MastrMynd Lennard

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Selling MastrMynd Production Units

This is to show MY people that I HUSTLE EVERYDAY FOR MASTRMYND, because MASTRMYND BENEFITS OUR PEOPLE!!! (My intro letter to; view below).

I have been waiting since 2000 for someone to recognize the importance of independent media production. Congratulations! I have the solution for the inevitable NEXT STEP! is managing independent video production; what if you could also manage the "Professional Independent Video Production"? (Which is the next logical step from what is doing). Hence,! MastrMynd has designed, engineered, built, and patented the worlds first fully mobile, digital Multi-media production and broadcast unit! In other words, we produce AND BROADCAST broadcast quality radio, television, and Internet at a fraction of the major networks! Imagine! Any of your clients (Artists and Commercial) can be served, and best yet, gets that all important "First Right of Refusal" to any and all content and media produced; Oh Yeah, THEN WE BROADCAST IT! Welcome to the next great network for the next 1000 years! You might be playing "Devils Advocate" and saying, "there are already production units out there". Yes, but MastrMynd has patented the superior design for transport, and assembled professional audio, film/video, web programming, visual art/graphic design, and broadcast into one phenomenal Multi-media production unit and format (The first of its kind). All the production tools and players are present and accounted for, you just say, "Go Get It"!!! Oh Yeah, AND THEN WE BROADCAST IT!!!!
MastrMynd Loves the future of our Youth! Let's set a meeting if you are interested. I have been doing this a long time and have been fortunate to see continued growth towards the MastrMynd design and format. In other words, the first people to recognize the potential of this component, WINS! I hope it's

Thank you,
Douglas Lennard

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Refining The Focus

Hello Beautiful People,

It is great to have a Great idea! It is something quite different to communicate the greatness of this great idea. How does one communicate an idea years ahead of it's time? Something that is clear as day to me was a mystery to most people.

I tried to show all the uses of the MastrMynd Production Unit (MPU) by hosting and broadcasting live events, Reality TV, Music videos, music production, vocal audio recording, Business Commercials, News Production, Sports Production, Education, and Management Consulting.

What I accomplished was a lot of experience and assets. What I didn't do was sell a unit. Hence our subject today, "Refining The Focus". I am going to sell a unit.

MastrMynd Builds Our Youth!
I have been contacting school boards, PR firms, private investors, city governments, and non-profits, to sell a MPU. No success yet, but I have noticed that by finding ways to serve is bringing opportunity.

By finding ways to promote the local business owners products, services, non-profits, community leaders and events in a central information location, or online community information network; MastrMynd serves the community and adds value while simultaneously continuing to validate the MastrMynd Production Unit.

I am refining my focus.

MastrMynd Group. Please select this link for more information.